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Monday, November 5, 2012

Rick Wangen, Seattle: What is the mental state of the Cowboys given the situation with Sean Lee? My impression of the team is that they are mentally fragile and that injuries like this one and the one to DeMarco Murray will push them over the edge.

Mickey: Sorry, just saw your email, so I’m answering before tonight’s game against Atlanta, but guess you got your answer by way the Cowboys played after falling behind the Giants 23-0, recovering to take a 24-23 lead. Teams mentally fragile don’t do that. In fact, if I had answered this question before they played the Giants, this is what I had been telling people: The defense was generally indignant that everyone was assuming it would go to pieces without Lee in there. It was almost, an I’ll-show-you attitude, and certainly proved out during the games, playing one of its best defensive games of the season. We’ll see if they can do it two games in a row, now having to play without Lee and Dan Connor.

Alan Zorzi, Buena, N.J.: Mick, I was at the radio road show with my family for the Tampa Bay game in which Nate Newton was talking about Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles being the team to beat in the NFC. We had a lengthy discussion in which he stated position by position the Cowboys could not match the Eagles. I personally do not feel that the Eagles with Michael Vick will win a Super Bowl and they are no better in 2012 than the 8-8, 2011 team. What is your opinion on the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles? Are they really as Nate stated, the team to beat in the NFC?

Mickey: Sorry to you, too, Alan, just saw your email. Well, in retrospect, guess at this point my buddy Nate might have been a little bit off on Philadelphia, stuck with a 3-4 record heading into its Monday night game against the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles have been as inconsistent as the Cowboys, and also have lost several close games. There still is a lot of football to play, and let’s not forget last year 14 games into the season the New York Giants were but 7-7 before they went on a roll to win their final six games, which included the Super Bowl. As for the Cowboys, don’t undersell their talent, but remember they are a lot younger than you might think.

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